This fall, Caledonia Senior Living residents are embarking on new adventures from the comfort of their living room thanks to an incredible new Virtual Reality program. Rendever’s goal to overcome social isolation aligned perfectly with our values and we knew immediately that this program would have a positive impact on Caledonia residents.  We are so fortunate to have received a donation from a long-time supporter to bring this innovative program to our community.

Resident using Rendever Virtual Reality Set

How does it work?

Residents wear a Rendever Virtual Reality (VR) headset.  A Caledonia team member hosts the activity and helps facilitate the residents navigating the headset and experience.  Using the simple Rendever App on our tablet they are able to access a platform with a wide variety of available VR experiences.  Anyone not comfortable wearing the VR headset can still be part of the experience and conversation by following along on our smart TV or another tablet.

For the resident wearing the VR headset the experience is fully immersive.  Together we are able to “travel” to their childhood home or a favorite vacation spot.  The residents feel as if they have truly been transported there.



In addition to providing reminiscence therapy “traveling” to nostalgic places and reconnecting and sharing important memories in their life with peers and staff we are able to incorporate Rendever into other programs that we offer.  We have used it to enhance learning and discussion around holidays such as Veteran’s Day and Mexican Independence Day.  It has also sparked new interests and learning opportunities as residents “travel” to different countries and visit cultural exhibitions.

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