Gary Glazner: Poet-in-Residence

Gary Glazner

Gary Glazner

Poet-in-Residence and Grant Writer for Caledonia Senior Living & Memory Care (CSL), Chicago Scots.

Caledonia Senior Living’s “ways of being” – we create home, we extend family, we relieve stress, we reimagine tradition – are informed by and built upon our community’s strong Scottish roots. Poetry is in the very DNA of Scottish identity and culture.

We established a Poet-in-Residence program to help the people who live, work, visit and volunteer at Caledonia Senior Living to create together; to have fun; to know, understand and appreciate one another better. Our Poet-in-Residence engages directly with residents using poetry and participatory arts to explore and share memories and passions.

Robbie Robot

Gary Glazner is the founder and Executive Director of the Alzheimer’s Poetry Project, (APP). The APP was listed as a “best practice,” for the National Endowment for the Arts’, “Arts and Aging Initiative.” NBC’s “Today” show, PBS NewsHour and NPR’s “All Things Considered” have featured segments on Glazner’s work.

Glazner has 20+ years of work in the fields of creative aging and dementia arts.

Glazner has pioneered the use of telepresence robots in elder care. At Caledonia Senior Living the residents named the robot, “Robbie the Po-Bot” in honor of Scottish poet, Robert Burns.

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