Board of Governors

Meet the Board of Governors that works to honor our past and shape the future of Caledonia Senior Living & Memory Care. 

Board of Directors

Back Row: Dan Casey, Euan Hague, Gus Noble, David Fleming, James Bell, Bill MacLeod
Front Row: Lynsey Sorrell, Cheryl King, Caroline Cracraft

Not Pictured: Judge Willian J. Bauer, Scott Beall, Jim Buik, Marcia Bremner, Jack Crombie, Ed Diamond, Clark Fetridge, Elliot Findlay, Allan Gallaway, Bob Graham, Charles Gonzalez, Dr. Thomas P. Jandris, Tony Jones, Alexandar D. Kerr, Andery Kerr, Adrian Knowles, Bill MacLeod, Paul Melville, Charlie Miller, Wayne Rethford, Arch Shaw, Nancy Strolle, Ginny Van Alyea

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