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Everyone has a story.

That’s what we care for.

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Nestled among the trees, Caledonia Senior Living & Memory Care provides a beautiful backdrop for you to lead a fulfilling and stress-free life. The five-acre campus is located in the North Riverside Forest Preserve, just a few miles west of downtown Chicago.

We invite you to tour our campus, meet our friendly staff and experience life at Caledonia Senior Living & Memory Care.

Call 708-447-5092 to schedule a personal tour.

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Welcoming New Residents at The Scottish Home!

Updates for 2022 at The Scottish Home include:

  • New Arts Studio
  • New Look for Sheltered Care — New Wainscoting, Lighting, Paint & Carpet
  • Wireless Nurse Call System
  • New Fire Alarm System
  • Upgraded WiFi

Now Hiring!

We have immediate availability for nurses and CNAs!

Learn about all of the job openings available at Caledonia Senior Living and Memory Care.

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Living Options at Caledonia

A continuum of care from just a little help to nursing services on demand.

The safety and security of round-the-clock nursing support.

Residential living with memory care assisted living.

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Mary Slessor was born in Aberdeen and raised through a difficult childhood in Dundee. Her father, who struggled with alcoholism, died when Mary was young, forcing her into the role of her family’s provider. Although she went to work from 6am-6pm every day in Dundee’s jute mills, her mother insisted that Mary continue to work hard to advance her education and deepen her religious faith. At 28, Mary left Scotland aboard a ship bound for Nigeria to begin her life as a missionary. There, Mary encountered people who were reeling from the slave trade, infanticide, injustice, an horrific imbalance of women’s and children’s rights and disease. 

Mary’s fierce commitment to righting the wrongs she saw, won the trust and respect of local communities, among whom, unlike most missionaries, Mary lived. Mary developed deep knowledge of local culture and fluency of language. 

Mary adopted many local children who were rejected by their parents. In particular, Mary took in sets of twins, who superstition considered to be cursed. Mary helped save the lives of hundreds of twin children. And, through her grass roots work, she helped communities see how to become better for all. 

Mary measured her missionary work not by how many people she converted to Christianity (actually very few) but by how many lives she improved (thousands).

After she died in 1915, Mary Slessor was was given a state funeral in Nigeria. Today she is known by the name Nigeria gave her, "Mother of All The Peoples.”

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Mary Mitchell Slessor

See the precautions we are taking for our residents and staff.