Did you know that Caledonia Senior Living & Memory Care is part of Illinois’s oldest charity? We were founded in 1845 to fulfill a purpose—to relieve the distressed. Quite literally, we were created to be kind. Today, 179 years later, we make good on our commitment to kindness by providing loving, compassionate care for seniors. There are many unique aspects to our community and the way we care for seniors:

Independently Owned and Managed

Caledonia Senior Living is owned and managed by the Chicago Scots (Illinois Saint Andrew Society). As the oldest non-profit in the state of Illinois, we operate with a long-term approach. But we also recognize the power of living in the moment. We take the time to learn about and honor the preferences and passions of the people who live, work, visit, and volunteer at Caledonia. We are driven, not by the directives of a corporate system, but by a powerful, instinctive, and intentional commitment to do the right things, and to make lives better.


In 1910, after many years of taking our care out into the community, we built the Scottish Home, our legacy building in North Riverside, to relieve the medical distress of aging. For more than a century, generations of families have turned to and trusted Caledonia to care for their loved ones. Our proven record of care speaks powerfully for itself. But, we are also committed to innovation; and this propels the evolution and improvement of our care.

Caledonia Senior Living Resident Dancing


Our commitment to innovation was made manifest in 2016 when we built MacLean House, Illinois’s first small-house model of memory care to relieve the cognitive distress of aging. The three innovations you’ll find at the heart of MacLean House—architectural, operational and philosophical—were recognized in 2017 when we won the British American Business Council’s Award for Innovation. We, the oldest charity in Illinois, won the innovation award ahead of six other very high-tech companies. We continue to be the oldest charity in Illinois precisely because we innovate.

Caledonia Senior Living Arts Program

Life Enrichment

We incorporate innovative technologies and programming to provide for all aspects of well-being: physical, mental, emotional, artistic, spiritual, and social. Plus, connection to Chicago Scots offers our residents many unique opportunities for cultural experiences you won’t find at other senior living communities.

Chicago Scots Dancing at Summer Picnic

Continuum of Care

At Caledonia, we provide a range of care services and living options, including sheltered care, intermediate care, memory care and skilled nursing. This allows residents and their families to feel assured and secure, knowing that if their needs change, their lives won’t be disrupted.

Scottish Home Senior Living in North Riverside

Small, Safe, Steady

Caledonia is intentionally small. That’s because we believe in the power of human engagement and familiarity. In a small community, residents and staff come to know each other deeply. In turn, this builds trust, connection, respect, and dignity. And this sense of connection, community, and shared commitment to protect one another helped Caledonia achieve an impeccable record of safety during the COVID-19 pandemic. We did not lose a single resident.

Caledonia Forest Preserve North Riverside


When you arrive at our beautiful campus, nestled serenely among the ancient trees of the North Riverside Forest Preserve, you will get out of your car, take a deep breath, hear birdsong, and relax, knowing you have found just the right home.

We invite you to visit and tour. While you’re here, you will notice our gardens and get to know our tenured staff, who provide the loving care that residents and families trust.

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