Move to Sheltered Care by December 31, 2022 and receive a $500 per month discount AND lock in your discounted monthly fee for the next 18 months. 

With studio apartments now available in our newly renovated Sheltered Care wing and the Chicago winter weather approaching it’s a good time to make a move to Sheltered Care. Take advantage of our end of year special pricing to help keep your costs down for the first year and a half!

Many people ask us “what’s the difference between Sheltered Care and Assisted Living”? Sheltered Care is a special license that not available to new communities. We are “grandfathered” in and have chosen to keep the license because we are able to provide a greater range of support and in many cases enable residents to age in place longer.

Here’s a little more information about what the differences are:

Assisted Living

Assisted Living is typically a studio or one bedroom apartment.

Apartments are typically smaller than independent living and easier to manage.

An Assisted Living resident usually needs a little help with daily living tasks (dressing, bathing, tying shoes etc.).

As an Assisted Living resident ages and their needs grow they may get to the point where they are required to bring in a private caregiver to continue to stay in Assisted Living. The resident pays for Assisted Living + the cost of the caregiver.

An Assisted Living community usually has a nurse available until about 8 or 9 pm at night. Some Assisted Livings that are part of a big campus may have access to a nurse for emergencies.

Sheltered Care

Sheltered Care is most often provided in a studio apartment.

Apartments are typically smaller than independent living and easier to manage.

A new Sheltered Care resident can need a little help or a lot of help with activities of daily living.

Reminders and support getting to any/all activities are provided.

The Sheltered Care license allows for more care to be provided in Sheltered Care so it is highly unusual for a Sheltered Care resident to also require a private caregiver.

Most Sheltered Care residents can age in place longer than in an Assisted Living community and delay a move to a higher level of care.

A Sheltered Care community is required to a have nurse available 24 hours a day. This is not only helpful in emergencies but also in general wellness care and for medication/treatment that is needed overnight.

At Caledonia Senior Living & Memory Care, Sheltered Care and Memory Care residents have priority access to our Memory Care, Intermediate Care and Skilled Nursing so that should their needs change to the point where they can no longer safely remain in their Sheltered Care apartment, they can continue to receive high quality, loving care right on our campus with oversight from our same leadership team. 

This year we began our project to “refresh” Sheltered Care which is located in our charming, historic building The Scottish Home. We invite you to stop in and see our new carpet, paint, wainscoting, art, dining room furniture, art studio, spa and resident room updates. We have also renovated the Intermediate Care area of our Nursing Home. We would love to show you our progress!

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