Remembering Mom Through Golf

For the second year in a row the Kilted Classic Leaderboard is generously sponsored by Curtis Linder, in memory of his mother Glenna Linder who lived at Caledonia Senior Living & Memory Care.

Glenna Linder (nee McKillip) grew up in a golfing household in Shenstone Road in Riverside, Illinois just a few minutes away from Caledonia Senior Living. Glenna, who was born in 1926, was named after father William Glenn McKillip who went by Glenn.

Glenn McKillip was an active member of the Riverside Golf Club just down the road from Caledonia.  Glenn golfed every month of the year!  He was involved in the Chicago District Golf Association (CDGA) and Curtis remembers Glenna telling him that the CDGA used to ask Glenn to play other golf course in the Chicago area to help establish course difficulty ratings -before the slope rating system was created!

Glenna’s brother Bill was a caddy at the Riverside Golf Club and golfed in the first annual CDGA Pro-Junior golf tournament in 1948. Bill later became a member of the Athens Golf Club, a Donald Ross Designed Course.

“Everything Caledonia Senior Living does to help support its mission and residents is a huge part of the Linder/McKillip family” said Linder.  “During the years Glenna lived at Caledonia, my brother Bill and I enjoyed being stationed as honorary starters at the mini golf course in the shady oak grove out back during the annual picnics.  We got to see some fabulously creative shotmaking over the years!  Now, with our family’s involvement in the Kilted Classic we feel an even deeper connection. Glenna, her family, the great game of golf and Caledonia are all a part of our family and it brings us great joy to support this great organization!”

We are delighted to have Curtis serve on our 2021 Kilted Classic Committee and for his support in memory of Glenna. It’s great to see the McKillip family tradition of golf still going strong!

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Historic photos of the McKillip family enjoying golf through the years.


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