Dear Friends,Gus Noble

I have some exciting news to share today, but first I want to say something important.

We live in very, very tough times. While we all face a triple threat: COVID-19, economic hardship and massive social unrest caused by racism, I implore you to recognize that all three hurt black and brown people most. This Scotsman is determined and committed to do what ever I can in the times ahead to face down and defeat this triple threat. Please join me.

A couple of weeks ago I moved into the Scottish Home and I lived there for about a week. During the COVID lockdown I wanted to see the world through the eyes of the people who live and work here. What I saw assured and inspired me. I saw people who care deeply for one another.

I also looked out, beyond the walls of our campus. I saw people who believe in the purpose and the promise of our 175-year-old mission – Home, Family and Love.

I saw you.

All around me I saw people with beauty in their hearts and strength in their backbones. People who will not quit because they know right from wrong. People who will not be stopped by the pain of today, for they know that beyond it lies a better time.

Through the eyes of the heroic people of Caledonia, I saw reasons to be hopeful. So today, I want to share our plan to reopen Caledonia Senior Living & Memory Care. You can read our plan here.

Resident Smelling the Flowers

Having been in an advanced state of lockdown for 3 months, we are now in the early days of phase 2. We look forward to scheduling in person 1:1 outside visits soon.

I want you to experience something with us. When we got to Phase 5 of the plan, we typed the words “COVID-19 is defeated.” This felt good – VERY good. I hope the plan makes you feel in its’ reading what we felt in its’ writing. We felt hope and determination coalesce. We walked taller.

As I end, I am happy to report that Caledonia Senior Living does not have any residents with COVID-19, nor staff. Three things made this happen: luck, the grace of a higher power and the vigilance of our staff. My colleagues are incredible. When history recalls them, she will smile.

Thank you for your encouragement and support.

Gus Noble

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