Megan Curran

We are excited to introduce Megan Curran, our new Art Therapist and Arts Program Coordinator. Our fledgling arts program, funded by an anonymous donor, began in 2021 and quickly became an important part of life enrichment and wellness on our campus.  Megan will initially work with residents part-time while she finishes her Master’s degree in Art Therapy and Counseling from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Megan will join us full-time in May. Megan has experience working with the senior population both as a caregiver and an art therapy intern at several senior living communities. Megan is thrilled to be able to take the foundation of our program and further develop it.

Having a licensed art therapist at the helm of our program will allow residents to use art in order to address specific conditions or concerns while gaining therapeutic benefits. In addition to learning a new art skill or reconnecting with a former one,, the residents will benefit from the impact such a program has on mood, self-expression, and the ability to handle stress and anxiety that might accompany changes in lifestyle.

Raised in Geneva, Illinois, Megan was drawn to the field of Art Therapy because of her interest in both art and psychology. When she realized that the two could work in unison, she knew she’d found her passion. Art has helped Megan in many ways; it is through Art Therapy that she hopes to help others and give back to the community. She says, “The residents have been so nice and welcoming. They are very curious about me, and I’m excited to find out who they are and what their interests are.”

Megan will offer daily group classes as well as work one-on-one with the residents as an art therapist, tailoring each session to the individual. Programs will include painting, drawing, sculpture,  glass painting and much more.   Megan looks forward to also organizing one-time special workshops with other art mediums such as textile work and multi-sensory experiences. Creative writing and music therapy are also part of our program.

Megan’s personal art work focuses on mixed media, combining watercolor painting, charcoal drawing, sculpture, and textiles.

Light Sculpture by Megan Curran

Light sculpture made of wood, fabric, and a light source, 2230 Lynn Ct (iteration), Megan Curran


Watercolor on Fabric by Megan Curran

Watercolor on fabric, Untitled, Megan Curran

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