Serving: 15

Kale has become a superhero ingredient in the last few years, I have even started growing it myself it’s the plant that just keeps giving. My problem with its most times I am out and have it always tends to be a wee bit over cooked. Kale can be found everywhere now and is surprisingly tender.

Creme Brulee


2Ib                         Kale

3oz                        Butter

2 cloves                 Garlic

1                           Lemon, zested

1 oz                       Good oil

                             Salt/ Pepper


  1. Start by washing and tearing the kale, you want to remove all the center spines.
  2. Next add to a hot pan with the oil salt and pepper cook for a minute or so then add the garlic and the lemon zest.
  3. Cook for another couple of minutes and serve.


This recipe works well with non-dairy butter.

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