Unsupervised Visit

For fully vaccinated visitors (2 weeks past final shot):

  • At this time, unsupervised visits are no longer required to be scheduled online in advance. (NEW)
  • Visitors must provide a copy of their vaccination card in advance of their first unsupervised visit.
  • Visitors can now visit their loved ones in resident rooms or outside at a safe distance from other visitors and residents. We respectfully ask that families limit the amount of visitors to two people at a time. (NEW).
  • At this time only visits are permitted with your loved one(s) please do not include other residents in your visit or enter other residents rooms/apartments (NEW)
  • Visitors are still not permitted in the dining rooms or other common rooms and visits should not occur during meal times. Resident activities on campus are not open to visitors at this time. (NEW)
  • Visitors must wear a Caledonia Senior Living issued mask at all times even if they are fully vaccinated, except if they are in their loved one’s apartment/room. If a staff, volunteer or another resident enters that room for any reason everyone must wear masks. (NEW)
  • All visitors must sign in using the Accushield at the Scottish Home Main Entrance.
  • For families at the MacLean House, please sign in using the Accushield at the Scottish Home, however, you may sign out using the Accushield at the MacLean House Entrance.
  • Visiting hours:
      • 9am-11am (weekdays)
      • 1pm-4pm (weekdays)
      • 6pm-8pm (weekdays)
      • 9am-11am (weekends)
      • 1pm-4pm (weekends)

Please keep in mind, when planning a visit, resident outings are on Wednesdays. The MacLean House bus ride is in the morning and the Scottish Home bus ride is in the afternoon.