Schedule a Visit

We are now offering indoor visits!

Please select a time slot for your in-person resident visit. Each visit is 30 minutes.  At this time please only reserve one time slot per resident per week to give other families an opportunity to see their loved one.  If you check back later within the week and more timeslots are available you can schedule an additional visit.

  • Visits are now scheduled for indoor visits which are located in Heritage Hall.
  • Visits must be limited to two visitors at a time per resident.
  • Social distancing of six feet or better must be maintained between the resident and all visitors.
  • Visits are limited to the the designated area only. 
  • Resident and visitors must wear a fresh mask provided by Caledonia Senior Living.
  • Visitors will be screened in advance of the visit upon arrival to campus including a temperature check.

New time slots will be posted between 5PM-8PM each Monday for the following week.

If you need to make a cancel please call the front desk to notify our receptionist at least 24 hours in advance or more.  If you would like to try to reschedule email

Please be conscientious of the any auto-fill settings that you may have on your desktop or mobile device and double check the resident’s name before submitting.

Please call us at 708-447-5092 with any questions.

New location for indoor visits will be in Heritage Hall.

Please park in the cul-de-sac area, there are designated signs to direct where to park.

Come to the front door (where the black gate located with the stairs/ ramp).

Ring the doorbell that is located on the right side. The receptionist will use the intercom, just let them know you are here for an indoor visit in Heritage Hall. They will let you in and you will need to use the Accusheild which has Covid-19 screening questions to be answered and a temperature to be taken. You will get a fresh KN95 Mask from the receptionist. Take the hallway to the left of the front desk and walk to the elevator which will be on the right side. Take that elevator down B- Heritage Hall and when get off the elevator, enter through the open double doors.


See the precautions we are taking for our residents and staff.